7 Mystery Fireballs Crash In Chile

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Mysterious “fireball”-like objects were spotted blazing through the sky over Chile. And the Chilean officials have been investigating the several bizarre burning objects that crashed into the country.

The fiery UFOs descended on Dalcahue City on the Chilean island of Chiloé and the tumbling objects crash-landed in seven locations, setting off fires that were put out by volunteer firefighters.

Chilean astronomer and astrophysicist José Maza told Chilean news network TVN that the blazing bodies were likely either meteorites or space debris that had detached from rockets or satellites.

And astronomer Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said that the falling objects were probably meteorites and that there were “no obvious space debris candidates that [he could] see.”

Residents of Dalcahue took to social media with reports of the unidentified flying objects, some sharing photos of the phenomenon. Strangely, locals interviewed said they heard no noises associated with the impacts, nor did anyone witness the crash-landings themselves.

Geologists from Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service soon arrived to examine the seven sites that had been scorched. But when the geologists released their official assessment, they said none of the seven sites contained traces of meteorite from the mysterious objects.

In the report, the scientists concluded they “found no remains, vestiges or evidence of a meteorite” left behind by the “luminous and incandescent” objects.

But whatever the mysterious objects were, they did leave trace behind, however, with the scorched earth and burning foliage at the 7 sites.

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