About Signs of the Last Days®

Signs of the Last Days® is a Christian Ministry that helps people to understand the signs of the prophecies in world events and to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

We are located in League City, TX. As an approved non-profit ministry organization, contributions to this ministry are tax-deductible. We are supported by contributions from individuals and groups who partner with this ministry to reach and bless souls.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide spiritual, charitable and humanitarian service in teaching the Holy Scriptures so that people can better understand prophecies of the Last Days and prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.


William Thompson is the founder and president of Signs of the Last Days® Ministry. He has a seminary degree in theology and a master of education degree with over 20 years of ministerial teaching experience. Additionally, he is also an author and publisher, and has 17 years of coaching/consulting experience in transformation. He is an ordained Christian teacher. Brother Thompson and a board of directors oversee Signs of the Last Days® Ministry.

The Beginning

After Israel had re-established its country and control of Jerusalem as prophecy foretold for the Last Days, there was a surprise attack in the early 1970’s by Egypt and Syria on Israel hoping to win back land previously lost. It happened during Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. The attack surprised Israel and they struggled badly resulting in the Israeli Prime Minister authorizing the preparation of nuclear warheads for use to save itself if necessary. This escalation caused the United States to have a large scale resupply effort to Israel just as Russia supplied the Arab countries, almost causing confrontation between the two nuclear superpowers. Eventually, a cease-fire was negotiated.


It was during this time-frame and context that our founder came to the transformational experience of the born again faith of Jesus and His Apostles and entered into seminary, and it also caused his strong interest in the prophecies of Scripture where then and until now he has studied them and world events. From this he could see the surge of the signs in the world pointing toward the fulfillment of Last Day’s prophecies before the coming of Jesus. In prayer and study he felt led by the Holy Spirit that it’s not enough to see the Signs of the Last Days but that action also must be taken to help more people be aware of them and be ready for the coming of Jesus.

What denomination is Signs of the Last Days® Ministry?

We are an independent Christian Ministry not associated with any religious denomination. Brother Thompson is an ordained Christian teacher following the original teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. This Ministry shares the prophetic Word of God with all.

handshakeWhat is a Signs of the Last Days® partner?

A partner is a person who wants to do something about helping more people be ready for the coming of Jesus and joins together with this Ministry in declaring the Signs of the Last Days before the coming of Jesus. They support our many efforts through prayer and regular tax-deductible financial contributions to this non-profit charity. Our partners make all that we do possible. Click Here To Become A Partner With Us Now And You Will Be Blessed.

Give To Help Souls

heart-in-the-palm-of-your-hand-graphic (1)These truly are the Last Days as the Scriptures foretold but many people are unprepared at this critical time. Get involved now and take action helping people in these Last Days to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. Open your heart and give now with tax-deductible giving and be involved with this ministry helping others to understand and be prepared.

Give Now

Signs of the Last Days® is a non-profit Ministry and contributions to this Ministry are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

What Does My Partnership Do?

When you partner with us you’re providing:

  • a ministry who prays for you and those in need every day
  • multi-media Biblical prophecy teaching in meetings and the world-wide web
  • a prophecy e-newsletter providing news on events in light of the Last Days Prophecies
  • sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Prophecies worldwide:
    • in meetings
    • on the internet
    • on multi-media video
    • on social media
    • in streaming broadcasts
    • in online prophecy courses
  • special email messages to partners
  • an understanding of the Signs of the Last Days in the world
  • help to others in preparing for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Already this Ministry has reached tens of thousands of people around the world in over twenty-five countries. Thank you for partnering with us today in this Ministry giving glory to Jesus Christ and sharing His Gospel.