secret from Bible RevealedWhen it comes to the prophetic Signs of the Last Days®, so many are unaware of what’s happening in the world and coming in the near future. They are as described by Jesus in Matthew 16:3 in that they: “… know how to discern the face of the sky, but … cannot discern the signs of the times.”

Truly these are troubling days with the signs of the times all around us, for every day our senses are assaulted yet again with ever distressing events in our world. But in the Holy Scripture there are ancient passages that are secrets to understanding the Signs of the Last Days, and for finding hope and peace in Jesus Christ in uncertain times.

In our prophecy study series,  Signs of the Last Days Revealed, you will find within them information on current and future world events foretold thousands of years ago that are Signs of the Last Days revealed.

The Signs of the Last Days Revealed Prophecy Studies help people understand the Scriptural prophecies of the last days and prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

Signs of the Last Days® Revealed Prophecy Series

Things are happening in the world preparing for great events coming, how do we know? …Because of the Signs of the Last Days. The prophecies foretold the first coming of Jesus Christ to the earth and he fulfilled them completely so that no one should have missed his coming. But we know most people and the governments and leaders did! Now, the signs foretelling the end of this age and return of Jesus Christ are happening around us. Don’t miss what’s going to happen because you don’t understand these times and aren’t aware of what’s coming.

Get involved now to learn more in this series and be prepared – now and for the future, by taking our Prophecy Studies today.  The first prophecy study in the series is now released and available.

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