7 Ships Set Afire At Iran’s Nuclear Plant Port

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In Iran there have been more explosions and fires in a series of them at sensitive locations there.

Now at the sea port at the city of Bushehr, very near Iran’s only nuclear power plant, seven ships were reportedly on fire at the port of Bushehr on the Persian Gulf.

Reports say that at the port, which hosts Iran’s only nuclear power plant, there were intense fires from these ships and huge plumes of thick smoke billowing into the air with many fire trucks responding to the site.

As the fires went on for some time, all government forces in the sector, from firefighters to the military responded to this incident, and they were also assisted by crews from the nearby Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.

The seven boats at the shipyard catching fire is the latest in a slew of mysterious incidents that could be part of a state-sponsored sabotage campaign targeting Iran’s industrial, nuclear, and military sites.

Which has led to speculation that someone is perpetrating these attacks in an effort to sabotage the Iranian regime.

In just the past few weeks in this series of events there has been an explosion at a nuclear centrifuge facility at the Natanz nuclear site, another explosion at a large military missile production facility in the mountains east of Tehran.

Also, reports of blasts in two towns including one that hosts military garrisons, also a fire at a petrochemical facility, and then another deadly fire at a medical laboratory in the capital. And other explosions and blazes including a petrochemical facility and a power plant.

Its reported some intelligence analysts are saying it’s clear Iran’s adversaries are trying to mount a new dimension in a shadow war against Iran.  

Iran’s government has always described itself as the sworn enemy of Israel whose overarching  goal is to wipe Israel off the map.

The Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24, Luke 21) describe that there will be wars and rumors of wars in the Last Days, and the prophecies of Ezekiel (38, 39) foretell Iran is to have a major role in making Mid-East war that will have serious consequences for the world.

These events and conditions happening now are warning signs pointing to the nearing fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies at the end of this age revealing it’s time to prepare now for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ for His Church by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles who were authorized (Matthew 16:19) described how (Acts 2).

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