How America Lost Its Way & How To Come Back: The Formula for Healing a Country

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Why are police killing people and people killing police in America? Why is innocent school children slaughtered in their classroom in America?  With new horrors of dehumanizing violence increasingly reported, Why is more violence erupting in the growing chaos of society? Has America lost its way?

The recent transition of America in the last 50 of its nearly 250 year history from a Christian society to a secular society has at the same time been paralleled with a shocking rise in unlawful and violent behavior in society.child holding gun violence titled

Although the history of America’s universities and schools is that they were founded by Christian churches with clergy as their presidents and teachers and the Bible as an official textbook, now most are shocked to know this was the history of such as Harvard, Princeton, or Yale.

Now federal government and courts showed God the door out, removing the Bible and prayer from the context and conversation of American institutions resulting in the enshrinement of secularism in the country and the expungement of Christian faith and values.

By turning to a secular age with the absence of good or evil, has the fiber of our conscience begun to fray and break? Have we as a collective people abandoned our institutional moral authority and allowed the resulting death of our moral character? Is this why unbelievable violence is now in our city streets and school classrooms?

ferguson riot violenceA secular society not subject to or bound by a moral code of higher authority has no moral compass or standards by which to judge it or to use for guidance. How can immorality that harms oneself and others be known when there is no mirror or moral code to reflect it.

When the moral authority and guidelines that humanity used for millennia, respect for God and the Bible (a previous best seller), are removed from its institutions and forbidden to be used and interacted with therein, the foundations of humanity crack open revealing the worse within us. We are watching this occur in America before our very eyes.

Moral authority cannot be formed from secular humanism.  It is not independent but rather self-concerned and turns degenerately inward, and its tenure of existence can be gone within a generation.

Rather, a moral authority that provides perpetuity for a people is premised not on promoting self-indulgence and self-governance, but on accepting independent principles of fundamental truths provided from an independent source known to exist and survive beyond human generational tenure; meaning it is eternal and independent written law.moses and ten commandments

In all of human existence this is known to exist in one place, the Holy Scriptures. And as such, provides the only source of continuous moral authority which necessitates the responsibility of adherence to that truth. True morality is timeless and unchanging.

Where did the recent phenomenon of the war on drugs come from; or the sexual revolution and its accompanying issues; or gang and gun violence; and – well, you fill in the blank. It’s not difficult to recognize the correlation of the advent of increasing violence at the same time of decreasing credence of God and Scripture in a society that has enshrined the secular.

No prayer or Scripture allowed, but violent chaos has erupted and the flood is sweeping America away.

Sadly, a country that is still going through the motions of priding itself on its knowledge, governance, and history, no longer has the strength of character to be honest with its self, and look back into the mirror of moral authority and call itself out for looking the other way and not facing its loss of moral character.

America lost its way, lost its moral code and then its moral character, when it set aside God and Scripture for the secular. Thus there is real reason to fear for the survival of the Republic.

But there is a way to walk back from the precipice of chaos and decline facing us, so to stop the killing in our streets and in our classrooms.

congress first prayerThe founding Fathers declared the entitlements of America came from God our Creator and appealed to the Supreme Judge of the world for the moral rightness of their actions. We can go back and rediscover the foundation of our country and how our founding Fathers believed, prayed, and practiced the founding of this country; as shown in the Declaration of Independence, at the first American Congress, and our early learning institutions principles.

And the Holy Scriptures declare that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33) but also goes on to reveal the formula for healing a country.  “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7).

But events are what trump the raucousness of opposing opinions.  It’s always an event that marks the end of an era or philosophy and makes a turn. There was Noah’s flood, Lot’s Sodom, Moses Law, Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion, fast forward to the 1920’s financial crash, assassination of Presidents, the rise of World War, the Holocaust, Israel Reborn, the Nuclear Age, and terror attacks.

And the growing results of America losing its way foreshadow a coming significant event for our land. I hope the impacts of that event(s) will result only in bringing us again to our knees in prayer and not something worse.  As I have heard those say who sacrifice for the protection of our liberty, my prayer also is, for God and Country.