Another Asian Pestilence, The “Murder Hornet” Has Arrived

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Deadly hornets from Asia that measure up to 2 inches long have been found for the first time in the U.S., with researchers worried that the insects are colonizing.

The Asian giant hornet, dubbed the “murder hornet”, is making inroads in the United States, threatening crops that depend on pollination, and humans who may get in its way.

The “murder hornets,” as the aggressive insects are known, can quickly wipe out bee colonies and have stingers long and powerful enough to puncture beekeeping suits.

Their painful sting can be fatal to humans especially if they are allergic and unlike most bees, hornets can sting more than once.

The giant hornet is native to places like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. And in Japan, the hornets kill up to 50 people a year.

The creature has a strange and fierce face with teardrop eyes like Spider-Man, along with orange and black stripes that extend down its body like a tiger with broad, wispy wings like a dragonfly.

The menacing orange-and-black giant hornet grows up to two inches in length and has a seriously significant stinger.

It can be very aggressive and its venom injected by the stinger attacks the nervous system and damages the tissue of its victims.

It’s unusual size and characteristics, and how it can harm human beings, brings to mind the Revelation chapter 9 prophecy describing the strange locusts coming in the future.

That will have tails like scorpions with stings in their tails which will bring torment like a scorpion when it strikes injecting its venom. To where in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.

But the main concern now is what these hornets can do to honeybees. With its spiked, dagger-like mandibles, an Asian giant hornet can decapitate 40 honeybees per minute.

In the state of Washington, beekeepers have already seen the hornets devastate their hives.

It’s not clear how the hornets crossed the Pacific Ocean, but experts think they may have stowed away on a container ship.

Bees support about $20 billion worth of US agriculture each year as they pollinate U.S. food crops.

But the bees are in trouble, as they’ve had serious declines in their populations around the world. US beekeepers have lost nearly a third of their colonies.

And a possible pestilence of the giant hornet has the potential to lay waste to beehives and therefore be a contributory to famine.

It has been astounding to watch how the current pestilence of coronavirus has had indirect consequences significantly impacting the food supply.

The Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24) describe that pestilence and famine together will be signs indicating the beginning of the end of this age of grace called the “beginning of sorrows.”

These events and conditions happening now are warning signs pointing to the nearing fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies at the end of this age revealing it’s time to prepare now for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ for His Church by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles who were authorized (Matthew 16:19) described how (Acts 2).

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