Apocalypse Comes To Paradise Then A Miracle [Video]

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Witnesses who saw what happened in Paradise and barely escaped with their lives say it was Apocalyptic, like the “gates of hell” opening up.

The events happened one after another with overwhelming trouble, as fire, heat, burning, viral disease, trouble breathing, loss of home and resources, just like back to back signs similar to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation.

Apocalypse events are great equalizers with it affecting everyone, the rich and the poor, the well-known and the unknown, they all suffer loss from fire no one escapes the trouble, just like what will happen in the Great Tribulation.

An apocalypse came to the town called Paradise with those there saying it brought utter panic, fear, and death; But in the midst of the flames of fire some people went into a church to pray and then a miracle of deliverance happened.

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