Billionaire Bunkers Are A Big Fail In The Biblical Apocalypse

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With the world on the brink of war and chaos going into 2024, there’s a flurry of reports since the New Year that there are billionaire’s building luxury elite bunkers to protect them from what they see as the grim future about to arrive.

And they say at the forefront of this trend of billionaire bunkers is Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook.

Where they say that on his over 1,500 acre estate on an island in Hawaii, he is now spending close to $300 million dollars to build his own massive luxury bunker to protect him from the Apocalypse.

As he and other billionaires are absolute believers in the coming Apocalypse of Revelation. As they show their faith in the Revelation Prophecy spending millions of their dollars for what they think is an escape to safety.

As many billionaires are reportedly in a frenzy to build bunkers on their islands in prep for the Apocalypse. But Bible prophecy foretells that they will be a big fail in the End-Time from catastrophes on the Biblical level that overwhelm them.

And that there is really only one guaranteed escape to safety from the Apocalypse of Revelation.

Watch the video below to see how these events and conditions happening now are Biblical signs connecting to the Last Days prophecies warning we are nearing the end of this age of grace at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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