Blood Moon Brings Blood Signs On Earth Of Abomination [Video]

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Video below shows how after the blood moon in the heavens on Jan. 20th, just days later on Jan. 23rd, we have had a blood sign on the earth beneath, as foretold by the 12 Apostles prophecy in Acts 2.

They prophesied there that blood signs would happen in the Last Days not only in the heavens with the moon turning as it were to the color of blood, but that also in the earth there would be the signs of blood in the earth beneath.

The prophetic blood signs not only in the heavens but also in the earth beneath are happening, pointing toward the Apostles prophecy. Where laws are being passed for selfish purposes that allow violence with the slaughter of babies and the shedding of innocent blood. It is an abomination that will bring desolation upon the people.

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