BOMBSHELL: Jerusalem Court Approves Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

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The Jerusalem Magistrate Court has handed down the first explicit legal decision that allows Jews to pray on the Temple Mount compound.

Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Bilha Yahalom revoked a restraining order that was handed to a Jew who prayed on the Temple Mount, and also confirmed that it is permissible for Jews to pray on the holiest Jewish site.

Last Yom Kippur, a policeman approached Rabbi Aryeh Lipo, a frequent and well-known visitor to the Temple Mount, who was quietly praying and ordered him to leave the place because he was praying.

Rabbi Lipo was promptly yanked from the site for allegedly violating the rules there on the Temple Mount.

But Rabbi Lipo petitioned the Jerusalem court, claiming that he had not done anything wrong and that Jewish prayers had been conducted on the Temple Mount regularly.

According to the group Yera’eh that promotes Jewish ascent to the Temple Mount, a record number of Jewish worshipers prayed on the Temple Mount in the summer with about 4,239 Jews conducting prayer there during the month of Av.

Which this is a jump of 76% compared to the same month in the previous year during which they say 2,759 Jews prayed on the Temple Mount.

And during the court hearing, the court viewed a video documenting Jewish people praying on the Temple Mount. And then the court ruled that silently praying on the holy site is not a violation of police guidelines.

As the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court accepted Rabbi Lipo’s appeal and ruled that Jews were indeed allowed to pray quietly on the Temple Mount.

Which this constitutes the first ever explicit legal decision allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount compound.

With this marking the first time a court has endorsed Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount holy site since Israeli authorities have quietly began rescinding their de facto ban on all non-Muslim prayers there as they turned more of a blind eye to it.

The attorney for the organization who represented Rabbi Lippo in the case, lauded the court for its ruling. Saying “We welcome the court’s decision, which effectively endorses what has already been happening on the Temple Mount over the past year, and is a de facto permit to Jews who already visit the Temple Mount and want to pray.”

“It is unthinkable that Jews of all people should be banned from whispering prayers even silently on the Temple Mount, while Muslims on the Temple Mount can do whatever they want – pray, give religious lectures, play soccer, and even to riot, while the police do nothing to prevent any of this, but Jews are made to feel like outsiders in this holy place.”

“We hope that from now on, the police won’t bar worshippers who are already on the Mount, a move which impinges on their basic civil liberties.”

Judge Yahalom wrote in the court ruling that “the respondent does not dispute that the appellant, like many others, prays on a daily basis on the Temple Mount, and this activity in itself does not violate police instructions.”

This specific sentence of the ruling is crucial because it is a first legal confirmation of what has been taking place regularly lately on the Temple Mount.

Where for the first time—in contrast to the status quo for many years—Jews have been praying quietly in groups, very close to where their Holy Temple once stood.

Jewish Temple Mount Organizations welcomed the court’s ruling, saying that Israel’s return to the Temple Mount is an existing and intensifying fact. And that the court now also recognizes this and gives its legal approval.

No one can predict how this bombshell ruling by the Israeli court will drop with the Arab groups and nations but no doubt there will be an uproar.

The Biblical prophecies (Zechariah 14, Luke 21, Revelation 11) foretell that Israel and Jerusalem will become the focus of the world in the Last Days signaling we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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