Brexit is Sign of Last Days Prophecy of Jesus & Daniel-What to Watch For and How It Comes

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The Sign that Surprised the World

The world awoke today surprised and shocked that what became known as the Brexit, Britain’s historic referendum on leaving the European Union (E.U.), has been approved by British voters. It is the greatest disaster to befall the E.U. in its history thus far, originally established with the signing of the Treaty of Rome the EU’s founding document. No nation state has left the European Union before, and the rules for exit are contained in Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. Britain will begin the process of leaving the E.U. by triggering Article 50, the legal mechanism which starts the timer on two years of talks before the UK must leave the E.U. bloc. This has effectively toppled the government of Britain with the Prime Minister announcing he will resign. Brussels, Belgium is the seat of the European Union where the European Commission resides and is reeling from this. They are ramping up efforts to hold the E.U. together and do their best to prevent any domino effect witeuropean union symbol with cracksh copycat efforts by other nation states.

Rising Nationalism

This is a sign of the last days where Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 said that nation would rise against nation and we are seeing it in the rise of nationalism with the goals of countries just as Britain in restoring sovereignty and protecting their borders; desiring to curb soaring immigration and increase security to fight terrorism; and to be ruled by laws they make and leaders they elect in their own country instead of outside influences such as a European Commission. The Brexit is a sign of this prophecy fulfillment of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24.

Here are Additional Signs of the Last Days to Watch For in Europe

Here are other signs of the last days from prophecy to look for in this area. In Europe the Brexit can increase the rising tide of nationalism with other nations causing additional anti-E.U. sentiment and elections. There can be increasing turmoil within the E.U. as nation and blocs of nations rise up against one another in their own self-interests. This can result in countries taking action against one another in the European theater. Also, there can be alliances made and very strong leadership thirsted for that can overcome major issues.

jesus tells Jerusalem Destruction Matthew 24For this rising nationalism in the world that Jesus foretold, and specifically the coming turmoil in Europe, will lead to the signs of fulfillment of the prophecies of Daniel for the last days concerning Europe. Daniel’s prophecies in chapter 9 foretold that the people of the prince who is to come that killed the messiah Jesus Christ, and destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish temple in that day, in the last days will also produce the Antichrist, the prince who is to come, and make a peace covenant with Israel. This will be the revived Roman Empire we see evolving in Europe now.

How It Will Come

But this will come about through significant turmoil in Europe which will lead to a dominant select group of ten leaders as described in Daniel chapter 7, coming together in the revived Roman Empire of Europe. But from turmoil within them a trio will fall to a stronger great leader of oratory and cunning that rises up to lead the Revived Roman Empire whom the world will love. This Antichrist leader will successfully accomplish what no leader before him has done and that is put in place a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and the Arabs in the Middle East marking the timing of the coming Great Tribulation.

The Signs of the Last Days™ prophecies are increasingly stronger as we get deeper into the end-time. These signs encourage us to watch and pray what’s happening in the world as God and His plan increasingly takes the center stage in world affairs. As the end of Holy Scripture says in Revelation 22, “He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

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