Brookings Institute Reports On Christian Rapture & Israel End-Time Prophecy

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The Brookings Institute, a nonprofit public policy organization in Washington, DC, released a report including the Christian Rapture and Israel End of Times Prophecy. The report titled, American Attitudes Toward the Middle East and Israel; includes Muslims and Islam, Israeli and American politics, the End of Times and the Return of Christ.Brookings Institute

The report released by their Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings, stated regarding the End of Times and the Return of Christ, that 81% of Evangelical Christians believed it would happen.

They go on to say that among Christians who say Christ will return, 63% of Evangelicals say that for the Rapture or Second Coming to occur it is essential for current-day Israel to occupy all the land they believe was promised to Biblical Israel.

Additionally, among those who say Christ will return, 73% of Evangelicals say that world events will turn against Israel the closer we get to the Rapture or End-times.

Also, that 79% of Evangelical Christians say that the unfolding violence across the Middle East is a Signs of the Last Days™ that the end time is nearer.