Catastrophic Drought & Dams Drying Up Euphrates River

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The rivers of  Iraq and Syria, above all the Euphrates, are drying up with the Middle East becoming even more arid.

Dams built on the river in Turkey and Syria since the 1970s have reduced the flow of water that flows down into Iraq by as much as half and the situation is about to get worse.

This summer Turkey started filling the Ilisu dam and this will cause another decline in the water inflows down to Iraq of about 50 per cent. This means Iraq which used to get 30 billion cubic metres of water a year from the Euphrates, will now receive less than 16 billion cubic metres.

Strong currents and flooding for irrigation which historically happened are now a thing of the past and each year the amount of water taken by Middle East countries from the river has been rising.

This pattern started in the 1970s when Turkey and Syria built dams on the Euphrates for hydroelectric power and vast irrigation works. The same thing happened a little later to the Tigris, whose major tributaries are being dammed by Iran.

And now it is too late to reverse the disastrous impact of the massive loss of water to the flow of the Euphrates River.

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