China ‘Citizen Control’ Moves To Americas In Venezuela

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Chinese telecom giant ZTE is helping Venezuela to build a system that monitors citizen’s behaviors through a new identification card bringing China’s approach to monitoring and controlling citizens to the Americas.

China’s dictatorship has already been implementing a smart system enabled by technology to track its citizens behaviors and to implement social scorecards, in which all citizens will be monitored and ranked on their behavior.

Now China, by way of telecom ZTE, is helping Venezuela to implement a smart card for citizens called the “fatherland card,” already used by the government to track voting.

When a Venezuelan delegation previously visited the Chinese headquarters of telecom ZTE Corp, they learned how China was using smart cards and vast technology databases to store information gathered with the card’s use, to where a government could monitor everything from a citizen’s personal finances to medical history and voting activity.

“What we saw in China changed everything,” said a technical advisor who was a member of the Venezuelan delegation. But his initial amazement, he said, gradually turned to fear that such a system could lead to abuses of privacy by Venezuela’s government. “They were looking to have citizen control.”

When he raised concerns with Venezuelan officials, he was detained, beaten and extorted by intelligence agents. They knocked several teeth out with a handgun and accused him of treasonous behavior prompting him to flee the country. 

Now Venezuela is rolling out a new, smart-card ID known as the “carnet de la patria,” or “fatherland card.” The ID transmits data about cardholders to computer servers. 

And China’s ZTE role in the fatherland project, is at the heart of the program.

An economic meltdown in Venezuela is causing hyperinflation, widespread shortages of food and medicines, and a growing exodus of desperate citizens. President Nicolás Maduro has been sanctioned by the United States and is criticized by governments from France to Canada as increasingly autocratic.

In that, Maduro has an ally. The fatherland card, they argue, illustrates how China, through state-linked companies like ZTE, exports technological know-how that can help like-minded governments track, reward and punish citizens. 

Chinese ZTE employees are now embedded in special units within the Venezuelan government and state companies in sectors as television and telecommunications. ZTE is also directly taking on many projects as well.

They are helping the government build emergency response centers monitoring Venezuela’s major cities and also centralizing video surveillance for the government around the country.

Now the Venezuelan government is forcing its “fatherland” smart card onto all citizens as a loyalty card that will “build the new Venezuela.” Venezuelans with the cards now have more rights and access than those without it.

The card is increasingly linked by the government to subsidized food, health and other social programs most Venezuelans rely on to survive.  

China’s “citizen control” has now come to the Americas in Venezuela.

And the spread of citizen tracking technologies and social control systems is pointing to Revelation prophecy, indicating a near future where the antichrist mark of the beast system will monitor and control citizens enforcing their compliance with world government.

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