Christianity Grows In Iran With Over A Million Converts

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In a recent survey of about 50,000 Iranians over the age of 20, a Netherlands-based secular research group found that 1.5% of respondents identified as Christian.

Then applied across Iran’s population of more than 80 million, researchers say the number of Christians in Iran is “without doubt in the order of magnitude of several hundreds of thousands and growing beyond a million.”

They further described “If this figure is extrapolated across Iran’s over 80 million people, then even taking into account the approximately 300,000 ‘recognized’ Christians of Armenian and Assyrian descent, this would suggest an additional one million converts to Christianity.”

Observers say Iran has “one of the fastest growing underground church movements in the world” and that hundreds were asking about Jesus on a daily basis. But the growth has also led to ongoing persecution.

Iran is an Islamic republic and Shia Islam is the official religion of the country. It is illegal for Muslim citizens to convert or renounce their religious beliefs.

Conversion from Islam is considered a crime punishable by death. It is also illegal for Christians to share the Gospel with Muslims. Proselytizing is punishable by death.

Those who convert to Christianity usually practice their faith in secret. House churches are often monitored and raided with Christians imprisoned making Iran one of the worst countries when it comes to Christian persecution.

But even Iran’s intelligence minister has previously admitted in a speech to Muslim clerics that Christianity was spreading in Iran.

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