Conspiracy Escalates On Israel By Roman World Order[Video]

Signs of the Last Days® MinistryGeneral

Conspiracy and crisis continues to escalate against Israel who is the center of the Signs of the Last Days® prophecies. This video quickly describes Signs happening now leading to the Third Temple of Israel, the Antichrist and False Prophet of the Revived Roman Empire, the Abomination of Desolation, and the Great Battle over Jerusalem of Armageddon.

Because even now a military alliance of Russia and Muslim countries are in action near Israel’s border with Syria. Also, the U.S. administration has conspired with the U.N. to condemn Israel as an occupier of territory belonging to a Palestinian state. And the Revived Roman Empire political leaders and false religious leader are conspiring against Israel now as well.

The conspiracies are escalating against Israel by the One World Order fueled by the spirit of anti-Christ growing stronger in the world.