CV19 & Famine: Nations Are Afraid & Hoarding Food

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The prophetic pestilence of the Covid-19 virus stopped movement, stopped work, and started panicky food raids on grocery stores.

We have been shocked when for the first time in our lives we have seen empty, bare shelves in the grocery stores in America.

And we have basically had rationing, as many items were not available, and if they were, you were only allowed to purchase 1 or no more than 2. And then the grocery stores also had to cut back their hours so they could even open.

And there has been hoarding, which is an omen or harbinger for famine, with this disastrous emergency indicating there is not enough supply for demand at the time of stress.

We’ve all seen where individuals rushed to buy all the hand sanitizer or all the toilet paper. Even now, there is a famine of certain products that you still cannot find at grocery stores.

But the hoarding is not only at the individual level. Bloomberg business news reports it’s not just grocery shoppers who are hoarding pantry staples, but also the governments of the nations are also now moving to hoard their food supplies.

A sign that they believe a coming famine is possible in this pandemic of pestilence.

Which threatens the global trade of the global food supply chain. In other words, for example, countries are deciding now to keep all their rice or wheat to themselves and not selling it to anyone else.

Kazakhstan, one of the world’s biggest shippers of wheat flour, banned exports of that product along with others, including carrots, sugar and potatoes.

Vietnam, one of the top growers of rice, suspended new rice export contracts; and Serbia stopped the flow of its sunflower oil and other goods.

Is this the start of a wave of food nationalism that will further disrupt food supply chains and trade flows in the future? A sign of food not available for some in the future where there are famines that happen in countries?

This nation-level hoarding is now happening with some countries as we have these national shutdowns to try and stop the pestilent virus. And though there are food supplies now, things are changing with hurdles making it harder to get food and products where they need to be.

As the coronavirus unleashes unprecedented measures, panic buying, and the threat of labor crunches with the economic fallout from the virus just starting, with countries as the US plunging into deeper debt to try and keep their economy afloat.

And governments have employed extreme measures, setting curfews and limits on crowds or even on people venturing out for anything but to acquire essentials. And Bloomberg business says that could spill over into food policies where you could see wartime rationing, price controls and domestic stockpiling.

China, the biggest rice grower and consumer in the world, what are they doing?

They are adding to their  strategic rice reserves pledging to buy up a large amount of their domestic harvest, even though the government already holds a massive stockpile of rice and wheat that’s enough for one year of consumption for all its people. Evidently they don’t think that’s enough now in the coronavirus age.

Governments are beginning to take nationalistic approaches, instead of working collectively and cooperatively to ensure there is a global food supply, they are putting their nations first.

With frenzied buying coupled with protectionist policies which leads to higher food prices, which becomes a perpetuating cycle within  itself, where as prices go up, national policy makers panic more.

And a lack of food and high grocery bills have major ramifications. For example, bread costs have a long history of kick-starting unrest and political instability.

During the food price spikes of 2011 and 2008, there were food riots in more than 30 nations across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The weakest countries with the weakest currencies, they can quickly spiral downward first into famine.

And without the food supply, societies just totally break, and go into serious unrest. And that brings authoritarian controls of governments as they become totalitarian in an effort to control their societies and economies.

And this coronavirus pandemic is a sign of the world moving closer to the coming fulfillment of the Revelation Prophecies.

The Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24) describe both pestilences and famines together as signs that would indicate the beginning of the end of this age of grace called the “beginning of sorrows.”

These events and conditions happening now are warning signs pointing to the nearing fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies at the end of this age revealing it’s time to prepare now for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ for His Church by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles who were authorized (Matthew 16:19) described how (Acts 2).

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