Death Of Aleppo Imminent: How it Means Middle East World War

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The fall of Aleppo to Syria’s dictator seems imminent. Not only Assad but also Putin are pleased. Just as Hitler was appeased leading to World War 2 so has been Russia. It is a precursor to Middle East World War that the prophecies have foretold.

The West, which backed away from enforcing the red-line against heinous war acts in Syria while keeping the Iranians from backing out of the nuclear deal, are impotent in the face of Russian and Iranian support for the Syrian dictator. Russia/Iran have become the major players in the Middle East with the hegemonic abdication and withdrawal of the U.S., and a Turkey in turmoil has noticed and are turning toward Russia/Iran as well.

The appeasemhitler-nazi-warent of Hitler by Britain and France before World War 2 is now known as a huge mistake. Hitler perhaps could have been stopped.  Instead, Hitler’s initially weak Germany gradually became more aggressive as it realized successes and became stronger. The appeasement resulted in Hitler invading more countries and World War 2.

The same cycle is happening now. Just as Germany before had economic problems that spurred them to look outside of their borders and met weak resistance from the West; at home Russia is having serious economic problems since the tumbling of oil prices, and have a modern czar for President aggressively moving outside of its borders who is also meeting weak resistance from the West.russian-bear-in-red-titled

The pattern is unmistakable. The bear of the Caspian Sea (Russia/Iran) of the Daniel 7 Prophecy with ribs in its mouth of those it’s conquered is rising up to devour, and with successes in Syria, and previously in places as Crimea, Iraq, and Ukraine, are gradually becoming more aggressive as it realizes successes and becomes stronger. Even now Putin is working to move into Libya through the Libyan strongman General Khalifa Hafter, just as Russia did Syria with Assad. This time it is so they can gain a military base in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea.

Europe remembers hoeuropean-union-armyw the appeasement of Hitler resulted in his aggression leading to World War 2, and they also acknowledge the end of American hegemony (supreme dominance) in the Middle-East as well. This is why they are quietly coalescing toward a European military force in what they view as self-defense for their self-interests given NATO’s rocky future and the Russian aggression.

It is this developing European force that after the coming prophesied Euro Nation State turmoil of the Daniel Prophecy, will ultimately come under the control of the coming deceptive anti-Christ in the revived Roman Church/Political form of government foretold in the Prophecy of Revelation.

The Syrian/Russian/Iranian alliance are currently completing their victory in Aleppo and Northern Syria with military field success and also private negotiations with rebel officials, of which the U.S. was excluded, mediated by Turkey, a new ally of Russia.

As Syrian soldiers are now taking the last remnants of Aleppo, with Russian military advisers and war planes overhead and Iranian militia at their sides, this alliance will have a big win. They are already beginning to turn their attention and military efforts southward in Syria with military actions for pacification of the rest of the country, which will eventually lead them to the disputed Golan Heights border with Israel.

Just as Russia surprised the world with its move into Crimea and also Syria, and will again as they move into Libya, it is there at the Golan that Russia with its Muslim allies will eventually again do something the world does not expect. They will cross over Israel’s declared border with Syria into the Golan heights. A surprise invasion of

We know this because the Ezekiel 38 prophecy is one of the most amazingly clear and specific that foretells who does this and why, where, and what will be the result. One of our previous videos here provided more detail on this.

The aftermath, as described by the Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation Prophecies is a horrific Middle East World War beyond the carnage of all the previous global wars the world has known. The aggressive actions of Russia playing out before us as in Aleppo, Syria is following perfectly the Scriptural script.

The death of Aleppo is imminent. Later in looking back it could be acknowledged that the West made the mistake there of appeasement and not backing a red-line, and it forebodes the coming of a Middle East World War.