Divine Retribution Meets Paris Peace Conference of Revived Roman Empire

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Seems Divine retribution struck Paris and Europe as the Revived Roman Empire of Europe concluded a Middle-East peace conference of international powers without Israel. As the world powers led by Europe conducted the conference in Paris, Paris was struck as the Seine River rose 20 feet overnight and flooded the City.

Europe was also quickly struck with lightning storms as well. In Germany witnesses said there were “no clouds in the sky”  when a lightning storm suddenly struck injuring many and sending people to hospitals. Likewise in Paris lightning struck a park sending many to hospitals. Also in Poland several were seriously injured as well. There were significant deaths and injuries across Europe from these sudden storms.eiffel tower flood

At the same time as French President Hollande called out Israel to make a courageous choice for peace, he also had to declare a state of natural disaster so to release emergency funding to help Paris and France deal with the natural disaster that befell them. As Europe’s peace conference was happening in Paris the city declared a natural disaster with thousands of people evacuated and tens of thousands without power as major museums as the Louvre and Orsay also closed as staff desperately worked to save famous artworks from flooding.

This is again an instance of disaster that has come when attempts are made to force Israel into agreements that are not according to God’s Divine plan and timing.

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