Earth Has Changed From Internal Turbulence Now Pointing To Russia As Magnetic North

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Scientists say that turbulence in the earth’s liquid core has caused the earth to change where the magnetic north pole has moved from the Canadian Arctic to Siberia in Russia.

From where it was in the Canadian Arctic, the magnetic north pole has moved about 1,400 miles to Siberia as it jumped from moving at a speed of about 9 miles to moving at a speed of 34 miles per year.

According to scientists this is from turbulence within the motion of the hot liquid ocean of iron and nickel in the planet’s core where the motion generates an electric field.

Because of this change in the earth, NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information says it has updated the World Magnetic Model to reflect this change due to unplanned variations in the Arctic region.

So scientists have released a new model of the earth so to more accurately represent the change of the magnetic field of the earth. The scientists say the update was done so to ensure safe navigation for military applications, commercial airlines and search and rescue operations.

This World Magnetic Model is used for navigation by the military, and by NASA for satellite tracking and by the Federal Aviation Administration for air traffic management. Also, smartphone and consumer electronics companies also rely on this for accurate compass apps, maps, and GPS services.

The earth has changed from increased turbulence within its molten core changing where the magnetic North Pole is located by 1,400 miles affecting everything that mankind has in technology and does in navigation upon the earth.

As the prophet Job said of the Lord God in chapter 9, “He shakes the earth out of its place, and its pillars tremble,” and the Apostle Paul in Romans 8 “that the whole creation groans and labors.”

The earth is changing being affected by growing turbulence within as we are waiting for the Glory of God that will be revealed in the Last Days at the moment of rapture in the glorious liberation of the children of God.

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