Earths Poles Melting At Same Time With “Impossible” Temperatures

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Scientists are spooked by what they said was definitely an unusual occurrence where they saw “impossible” temperatures that were not “suppose to happen.”

As both of the earth’s poles had freakish extreme readings at the same time with parts of Antarctica more than 70 degrees warmer than average and areas of the Arctic more than 50 degrees warmer than average.

Weather stations at the poles shattered records from the extreme weather which shocked officials since they are suppose to be in opposite seasons.

Where you don’t see the north and the south poles both melting from extreme temperatures at the same time. In what the scientists are saying is “definitely an unusual occurrence,” while also saying the event is “pretty stunning.”

The ice scientists also said, “I have never seen anything like this in the Antarctic,” and that it is “not a good sign when you see that sort of thing happen.”

Scientific researchers declared that previously they would have said that such an event as what just happened “is impossible,” and that such temperatures are “never supposed to happen.”

But it has happened here and now as the extreme weather continues to produce unprecedented events on earth that have never happened before.

The Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 16) foretell that there will come to be extreme weather with intense heat from the sun signaling the world is nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

These events and conditions happening now are warning signs pointing to the nearing fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies at the end of this age revealing it’s time to prepare now for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ for His Church by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles who were authorized (Matthew 16:19) described how (Acts 2).

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