Europe Turmoil from Islamic Middle East – Watch for These End-Time Signs

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Europe is entering a new phase of reality it has not previously experienced. We are watching in the media horrendous terrorist attacks from country to country, and now they have struck near the very heart of European Union institutions in Brussels. Also, we have watched refugebrussels-alert-for-terrorist-attackes migrating to Europe in large lines that stretched for miles after crossing the Aegean Sea.

The actual fact is that Europe is entering a new phase where it is realizing turmoil from destabilizing events caused by the Islamic Middle East. One of these events is the migrant influx of Islamic Middle East refugees that are escaping the Euphrates River area full of war. And additionally, Europe is simultaneously experiencing Islamic terrorist attacks exported to them from the same Middle East Euphrates River area conflicts. Let’s consider the impacts on Europe.

The Refugees

We have all heart-wrenchingly watched in the media, as literally millions of Islamic refugees from the Middle East risk their lives to escape the conflicts along the Euphrates River and get to Europe. But the pressure of millions of Islamic refugees is financially straining individual nation states of Europe and having significant impacts in many dimensions, including the rising of hardline even radical anti-immigrant political groups.syrian Europe refugees

It is also creating turmoil between the individual governments as to who will do what and pay how much, including major indignation toward the likes of Angela Merkel’s policies and comments which other European leaders view as having spurred on the refugee migration. Many have viewed the Islamic migration as watering down or completely erasing the historical European identity. Europe has been meeting with Turkey and basically begging them to stop the flow of refugees and take back most of what has come. Turkey is using the opportunity this presents to drive a hard bargain on Europe financially and territorially.

Also, the latest refugee camps built in Europe are starting to look more like fenced prisons than refugee centers; and to actually implement the migrant agreement formulated between Turkey and Europe, may actually take some strong European and Turkish police and military actions to corral and control the poor refugees.

The Terrorists

The terrorist attacks in Europe by Islamists from the Middle East are continuing with European states currently overwhelmed by it. The terrorism is further enabled and abetted, and the European response hindered, by the Schengen Agreement open border policy of Europe. This enables the terrorists to travel between Europe nation states without any border checks. Also, it’s reported the current laws in many of the individual nation states are very narrow that prevent much domestic intelligence gathering.europe terrorists

Additionally, there are literally thousands of Islamists from Europe, who went to the Middle East and fought there, and that have now returned to Europe. This is a number seemingly beyond the current intelligence apparatus in manpower and other resources of the Europeans, again, putting them behind the curve to be able to deal effectively with the crises. Also, it’s reported the Islamic communities have grown to large size in various European nation states which typically are close-knit closed communities, and they have largely been ignored previously. So, relationships and hard intelligence data is lacking.

What will Europe do?

Initially, there will be lessons learned and systems and security tightened. Also, European state security forces will respond and begin to try and run down the terrorist networks. But against this wider background of the Islamic migrant crises and the growing terrorist crises in Europe, this will prove to simply not be enough. These two crises will create a political crisis in Europe. Hardline anti-migrant political voices will become louder and also the cry for security to be re-established for people’s lives even louder; while the Islamic communities could be in turmoil under more suspicion and scrutiny and even potential retaliations. While all the time, the root cause of the European crises from the conflicts in the Islamic countries along the Middle East Euphrates River continue.

European state leaders will realize they cannot keep the status quo nor have minimal improvements, for that inevitability will lead to more of the same turmoil and destabilization. They will know that they must act decisively on a grander scale.antichrist_man european state titled

Here are Signs of the Last Days™ to look for indicated by Scriptural Prophecies.

As prophesied by the Book of Daniel 9th and 7th chapters, look for signs of some European countries from the old Roman Empire to evolve further into a EuroSuperState that further consolidates and more tightly integrates than currently, due to the political, monetary, and security pressures.

Also, look for signs how these push toward more of a one government system where individual nation states will cede all the necessary powers to the one government system and leadership to meet the crises challenges. As also prophesied, there will be an extremely dynamic world leader arising from them.

And look for signs in this united one government system of moving toward a personal identification mark technology, in order to track and control the populations for stated security purposes that will be required to buy and sell.

Then also look for signs of them moving closer to the root cause of the crises, by becoming more involved in the Middle Eastern countries. Also, look for them becoming more focused on Israel with many blaming Israel for Islamic unrest due to the Palestinian issues over land, and also the control of Jerusalem. Watch for them to push for an Israeli/Islamic agreement for joint status of Palestine and Jerusalem under a one world government authority such as the U.N.

The stirring turmoil and crises in Europe are Signs of the Last Days™ that are pointing toward the rising of the revived Roman Empire and events as foretold in the Prophecies.