Europe’s Turmoil: Paris Burned; Protests Spread; Macron Caves; Antichrist Coming

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The “yellow vest” protests in France, named for the warning vests all motorists must keep in their cars, were started initially over a new fuel tax.

But it has grown it seems into a populist protest movement fueled with anger toward government finance policy in Europe that has made Paris to burn for weeks and now is spreading.

Across France this weekend 89,000 police officers were on duty and armoured vehicles were deployed in the capital. Tourist sites in Paris were closed amid fears of further street violence.

And Paris police urged shops and restaurants on the Champs-Elysees to shut down and for museums to be closed. France has been under siege as Paris has burned over the recent weekends.

But now the protests have spread from Paris to across France and then also extending into other European states as well with the movement making its mark this weekend also in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The spreading protest appears to have grown from just about a fuel tax into at least in part a populist movement that is angry at Euro government policy in general, and what it sees as the widening gulf between mainstream politicians and the voters who put them in power.

Its reported the people protesting are saying they are yearning for a more socially equitable society instead of taxation policy that favors the politicians and wealthy, while breaking the financial back of the workers with taxes over taxes while also eroding their social welfare net.

It’s said that France has the highest taxes in Europe, almost 50% of gross domestic product, and twice that of the United States. The fuel tax price increases were the proverbial straw that broke the French camel’s back. Taxes are just too high compared to incomes.

That’s why when French President Macron finally addressed the crisis today after weeks of protests and violence, his speech was very concessionary for the financial burdens of the citizenry.

Macron and his government in an effort to save themselves have totally reversed course and scrapped the fuel tax completely while also calling for employers and unions to provide a bonus to employees this year and salary raises for next year.

He also called for an increase in the minimum wage and to change tax rules and other policies that hit the wallets of working class French people.

But such a turn around and passing the buck of responsibility may not work, for it was Macron’s imperial-style of governing and favoring the wealthy as with a tax rollback that has made the populace angry with him and his government, even declaring they want him gone.

His approval rating has plunged to around 20 percent and his government is completely on the back foot in a defensive posture while the police forces continue to put up fencing and blockades.

It is yet to be seen if the protests will subside, and for now the protestors are saying they will continue, while Macron is pleading for the violence and chaos, the worse France has seen in a generation, to stop.

But radical change usually happens amidst chaos. And the antichrist, whom the prophecies in Daniel chapters 8 & 9 say will have a Europe core origin, could have his prophesied quick rise to power and acceptance facilitated by such an environment.

If things get bad enough financially for the populace along with an outcry for social equity, all marks of the current European riots, the mark of the beast system could more easily be accepted and implemented.

The signs of the last day Biblical prophecies continue to increase. Get ready, Jesus will most certainly come as the prophecy says.

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