Extreme Heat In Australia Killing On Biblical Scale With Animals Dropping Dead

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Australia has been gripped by a heatwave that continues to break records across the country that is so intense that animals have been falling dead to the ground and from the skies.

The country has recorded its hottest December on record; and with five of the ten hottest days on record coming in from last week.

Its reported the extreme temperatures have killed bats on a “biblical scale,” as well as over a million fish in a river in the southeastern region.

The Australian government’s Bureau of Meteorology blamed climate change for the heatwaves in their 2018 State of the Climate report, and warned of “further increases in sea and air temperatures, with more hot days and marine heatwaves.”

Health officials have declared the heatwave a threat to public safety, encouraging people to take precautions by limiting time outdoors as much as possible to avoid sun exposure. The extreme temperatures have also caused wildfire deaths, bush fires and an increase in hospital admissions.

Wild horses have been found dead by the dozens which died from heat and thirst but are not the only animals suffering from the heat wave.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of dead bats that have been falling from the skies in Australia. Also with them falling out of trees as they’re boiled alive with their brains reportedly boiled by the extreme heat.

Nearly one-third the population of the endangered fox bat species have perished.

“This sort of event has not happened in Australia this far north since European settlement,” Justin Welbergen, an ecologist and president of the Australasian Bat Society said.

The Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology said in their 2018 State of the Climate Report that the ocean surrounding Australia has warming since 1910 and continues to warm, contributing to longer and more frequent heat waves.

Based on their projections, Australia will continue to have less and less cold extremes over the years, and more hot days, heatwaves and droughts.

These are Signs of the Last Days prophecies such as the Revelation chapter 16 prophecy revealing how the sun will grow so hot until mankind is affected with great heat.

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