Extreme Weather Worldwide: From Polar Vortex To Burning Heat—It’s Biblical

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Monster hurricanes, floods as never seen, Biblical heatwaves, apocalyptic wildfires, severe storms with swarming tornadoes, polar vortexes—the weather’s gone wild.

Something’s going on with the weather on planet earth, where extreme weather keeps happening worldwide from one end of the globe to the other.

Right now they are having an extreme heat wave in Australia that the Aussies are calling Biblical as animals drop dead, while on the other side of the world folks in the Windy City of Chicago are trembling under a polar vortex such as unseen in a generation… both happening simultaneously in the extreme.

There’s definitely been a change in the weather to the extreme. I live in hurricane country on the southern coastline and the doozies that have been coming across in recent years have been setting records.

When you get nearly 4 and 1/2 feet of rain, yes that’s feet not inches , in one storm event, the word Biblical comes up around here as the water line reaches people’s roof lines and travel is only by boat with the local taxi service being the Cajun Navy. (God bless them)

And our hearts have went out to those laid back west coast types in beautiful sunny California whose towns are being wiped out by apocalyptic firestorms with walls of flames over a 100 feet, yes that’s feet again, and firenados that reduce places like Paradise to ash in under an hour.

Unbelievable, but its happening.

So don’t argue with those of us suffering through it that the weather is not changing and to the extreme. Too much of this stuff is going on.

Something IS happening to the earth, and it IS Biblical.

Jesus in His prophecies said that in the Last Days it would be as the days of Noah were, and they got flooded out with a Biblical flood. (Matthew 24)

The Son of God also said that the Last Days would be as it was in the Days of Lot, and they got burned up in a firestorm. (Luke 17)

It seems that these Biblical events are coming back around in a similar way. And it’s a sign, that we are in the Signs of the Last Days prophecies nearing the end of this Age and the return of Jesus Christ, just as He foretold.

It’s time to pay attention and to get prepared. Because after the big event of the catching away of those born again into the Kingdom of God, unto Jesus in the clouds and on to Heaven, then the Biblical events on earth really begin to pick up the pace and the intensity.

And there will be no doubt or debate, that it’s a Biblical time of trouble such as the world has never seen before.

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