Facial Recognition Goes Into US Airports—Echoes Of China’s Social Control System & The Mark

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It’s reported that the US Department of Homeland Security is rushing to set up facial recognition systems at major US airports without ‘proper vetting.’

Also, that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reportedly had “no limits” on how participating airlines could use bio-metric data collected.

Reportedly the facial recognition systems will not only scan all international passengers but also US citizens in the top 20 US airports and this is being done without proper vetting or regulatory safeguards.

Critics of facial recognition technology have said advances in artificial intelligence and the proliferation of cameras have made it increasingly easy for governments to watch and track what individuals are doing.

Microsoft in December urged governments to enact legislation in 2019 that requires facial recognition technology to be independently tested to ensure accuracy, prevent unfair bias and protect people’s rights.

Airports reportedly included in the CBP’s facial recognition program are in Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington (Dulles and Reagan), Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Houston Hobby, Dallas-Fort Worth, JFK, Miami, San Jose, Orlando and Detroit.

This has in it strong echoes of China’s social control system.

Which the authoritarian communist government implemented the program using the same rapid advances in facial recognition technology which enabled the program to track its citizens and control their behaviors.

China’s social program tracks citizens with the facial recognition technology and cameras located everywhere in society, and then allows or denies access to the resources of society by the government’s determinations.

Just as facial recognition camera technology in the US at its airports could deny US citizens access to travel flights if anything is found in their record the government does not like.

Your face and forehead will become no longer your own but a calculated number in a computer system. This also has in it echoes of the foretold Mark of the Beast program that will be implemented by world government (Revelation 13).

Could it be that in a headlong technological rush for security and convenience people will unwittingly actually be running into the arms of the coming world government system that the Antichrist will leverage.

As the prophecy says in Revelation 13:18 “This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast…”

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