Final World War Prophecy Shows All Planet Earth Affected

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This prophecy shows world war is coming that will touch everyone on planet earth, no matter who or where you are, and conflict has already began in the prophesied location.

The Biblical Prophecy reveals that there is a Middle East conflict going on right now, in the exact prophesied location, that will not and cannot be stopped or contained.

Something has started, something is happening there now, and before it is over with, no matter who you are or where you are, everyone on earth in the future at that time, this will come to you and affect you in the near future.

John Guare, when writing Six Degrees of Separation in 1990, said that everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people, that there are only six degrees of separation between each of us and everybody else on this planet.

Describing how that humanity is a network with every person like a door opening up into the world touching the life of someone else with only six degrees of separation between all of us on this planet.

But 1990 was before all the modern electronic networks of today. And Facebook Research Group says now that our collective degrees of separation have shrunk over the recent years.

As people in the world have become more inter-connected. Where the world is now inextricably connected not only digitally, but also geopolitically and economically.

Facebook Research crunched the numbers using statistical techniques and determined that now, humanity is only separated by an average number of about 3 other people.

That is 1 to 3, or about 3 degrees of separation now in the Last Days. And this is the same statistical relationship, the prophecy of Revelation in chapter 9 calls out.

Where the Biblical prophecy describes how that a third of humanity in the world will be killed by the coming world war that is unleashed at the Euphrates River in the Middle East.

This prophetic 3 degrees of separation means that everyone on planet earth will be affected, with each person on earth either being killed or connected in some way to someone that was killed, as this conflict will overwhelm planet earth.

The Biblical Prophecy foretells that there will be conflict in the Last Days that flows down through the heart of the Middle East and the tributaries of this conflict will also snake out into all the world overflowing the earth.

And the signs of this prophecy are already happening at the very location foretold in the Holy Scripture which is at the Euphrates River. Which is the great river that flows down through the center of the Middle East and prophecy.

As in these modern times: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, ALL are involved in Mid-East conflict now. And all four of these countries are connected to the Euphrates River.

The signs are warning us, something is happening there that before it is over with, will affect all of us no matter who you are or where you are on planet earth, if you are here at that prophetic time in the near future.

These events and conditions happening now are signs pointing to the nearing fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies at the end of this age revealing it’s time to prepare for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ for His Church by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles who were authorized (Matthew 16:19) described how (Acts 2).

Preparing those Biblically born again into the Kingdom of God to be ready to escape all the things that will come to pass, in the wrath of the tribulation of Revelation prophecy, that comes upon the world of disobedience. As the born again Church is not appointed unto wrath (1 Thessalonians 1:10) but instead to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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