Flesh Eating Bacteria Spreading Death In The Water As Earth Changes As Prophesied

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Doctors and scientists are sounding the alarm that flesh eating bacteria is spreading throughout US waters and coastlines, which is a sign how earth and its waters are changing pointing to that foretold in the prophecies.

The experts are warning swimmers and fishermen alike that the flesh-eating bacteria is spreading.

Researchers report an uptick in cases of Vibrio vulnificus infection — a class of bacteria known for causing necrotizing fasciitis, a condition which rapidly eats away human skin and muscle tissue, and frequently requires amputations and can be fatal.

Doctors say the bacteria enters the bloodstream either through a wound which makes contact with infected water, or via eating contaminated seafood.

Researchers wrote in a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine “we believe that clinicians should be aware of the possibility that V. vulnificus infections are occurring more frequently outside traditional geographic areas.”

They were warning that the flesh-eating bacteria is spreading in Earth’s waters as water temperatures become warmer. Scientists fear that warming waters on earth is helping to create favorable new homes in areas on earth once too cold to support this deadly bacterial growth.

It started as a trip to the beach that’s for fun. But while swimming this man scraped his stomach on the sand. Later the skin on his stomach looked infected, then his stomach swelled.

Afterwards, he began hallucinating, but in reality, he had become septic with his body infected. After nine surgeries, a coma, and excruciating pain that at times made him wish he had not come out of the coma, doctors were able to save his life that was forever changed.

A woman went on vacation with her husband and got in the hot tub to relax. Later she noticed a nickel-sized infection on her buttocks that got more severe and painful. After a trip to the emergency room, she was rushed into surgery and then spent 16 days in the intensive care unit. She went home to die.

In Texas a guy decided to go fishing and did some wading in the water. Later he went to the hospital complaining of leg pain and had the classic signs of a bacterial infection. Despite life-saving measures, including amputating the leg, he died within 24 to 36 hours of hospitalization.

These above incidents were caused by flesh eating bacteria which are now thriving in our warmer waters. And is the bacteria that is causing the highest number of warm water deaths like those above.

But there are others too, like the high school graduate who got a summer job as a lifeguard at a local lake’s beach where he began experiencing disorientation and flu-like symptoms; paramedics rushed him to the hospital before he was flown to the Texas Medical Center for treatment.

His death there by a brain-eating amoeba was confirmed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials.

Then there was a man and his wife who went to an amusement park for a summer day of fun getting on the water ride where they got a good splashing, but they noticed the water looked dirty and stagnant.

Later he had swelling and discharge from his eyes and when the symptoms and pain worsened he was diagnosed with microsporidia keratitis, which eats away the cornea of the eye.

What all these stories and thousands of others like them have in common is the warm water and deadly bacteria infecting people with horrific and deadly results.

Something is happening in earth’s water as deadly flesh-eating bacteria are proliferating in it and killing people.

The CDC says that 80 percent of Vibrio infections occur between May and October, when people are most likely to come into contact with water. And as coastal water temperatures increase globally, so are cases of Vibrio infections.

Vibrio is one of the only pathogens with increasing rates of illness in the U.S., where the average incidence of vibriosis in the U.S. significantly increased according to a recent study in the journal Estuaries and Coasts.

But its not only in the U.S., these incidents of flesh eating bacteria from the waters are being reported around the world such as in the UK, Japan, and Australia.

The same study described a clear relationship between increased Vibrio concentrations in waters off the coasts of the U.S., and increased temperatures along with sea levels rising creating more habitat for flesh eating bacteria.

And since we’re also seeing more extreme weather events as intensified hurricanes, there is more saltwater and freshwater mixed and spread together, and people wading through it – increasing the spread of the bacteria and opportunities to contact it.

For example, after Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans area, and Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area, and people wading through the waters, there was a marked increase in vibriosis cases in the region.

With the overall trend of hotter temperatures warming sea water, rising seas, increasing toxic red tides, and commingling freshwater and saltwater, these heat-loving flesh-eating bacteria are continuing to increase.

These are signs pointing to the prophecies in the Book of Revelation in chapter 8, chapter 11, and chapter 16, where they foretell how that the earth and its waters will change becoming hot with toxic and deathly results spreading among humankind; and they are Signs of the Last Days revealing we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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