Florida East Coast Mysteriously Rumbles & Shakes After Previous Meteor

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A mysterious rumble that rattled patio doors and shook houses hit across Florida’s Space Coast on March 8th.

And U.S. Geological Survey seismologists with the agency say it was not an earthquake, but are hard-pressed to say exactly what it was that shook homes from Cocoa to Merritt Island.

The deep rattling was reported by residents many of whom are familiar with the occasional sonic boom from overhead military jets or consistent shaking that follows a rocket launch.

“I felt my sliding doors vibrating for a solid two and a half minutes. I left my bedroom and I went to the front door to look for a rocket … I thought I might have missed it,” said a Satellite Beach resident who posted on Facebook about the shaking.

Air Force Base officials also heard of the reports from this but said there were no military air exercises involved that could have caused the shaking.

Earthquakes are a rare occurrence in the Sunshine State, which sits on a cushion of porous limestone and bedrock. The U.S. Geological Survey says earthquakes in Florida are rare because the state doesn’t sit near any tectonic plates.

But that said, strangely, three earthquakes have hit at the Florida Panhandle in the past week which is extremely rare with Florida the least seismically active of the states.

Previously, on Feb. 12, some Florida east coast residents from Titusville to Palm Bay also reported on social media being shaken after what turned out to be a fireball exploded in the nighttime skies over the Atlantic Ocean with a force equal to 100 tons of TNT.

That bright, green meteor was detected by a private network that contracts with NASA’s Planetary Defense Office to monitor asteroids, meteors and fireballs across the globe.

Mysteriously, Florida has been hit with three confirmed earthquakes in a short period of time where they should not be, and has added to the mystery, these claims of a fourth event rumble and shaking on the east coast — happening not long after a meteor explosion there.

The Biblical prophecies (Luke 21:25-26, Acts 2:19) foretell that there will be strange signs in the earth and in the heavens indicating the coming end of the age and the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ to catch away His born again believers.

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