France’s Macron Publishes Letter In 28 EU Nations—Critics Say Its Takeover Plans

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The French President, Emmanuel Macron, has published a letter in newspapers of all 28 EU member states ahead of the European elections scheduled for the end of May.

In the letter he laid out his vision for Europe and he also called for new EU institutions and a common defense strategy to protect the European Union.

Macron said his proposals, unveiled in an open letter to citizens of Europe that was published in newspapers across the EU, are to protect and defend Europe’s citizens while giving the 28-nation bloc new impetus in the face of global competition.

The European Commission, and the EU executive, saluted Macron’s call as a contribution to the debate about Europe. European Council President Donald Tusk, who chairs EU leaders’ summits, focused on only one aspect of Macron’s reform drive.

Tusk said, “I agree with Emmanuel Macron. Do not allow external anti-European forces to influence our elections and decide on key priorities and new leadership of EU.”

But some officials are portraying Macron’s reform plan as part of a bid to become the new leader of Europe, and some saying outright it’s a takeover plan as Angela Merkel prepares her exit as German chancellor. Others suggested it was at least partly intended to boost his waning popularity in France.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, described them as “totally divorced from reality.” And Centrist Jean-Christophe Lagarde, leader of the UDI political party and MEP hopeful, said “No one has the right to monopolize the European idea.”

Babis was also quoted as saying“I have noticed that when France says ‘more of Europe’, she in fact means more of France. But that is not the way. We are all equals in Europe.”

EU  officials, when speaking on condition of anonymity, were also less diplomatic, ascribing the timing of the proposals to Macron’s desire to boost his popularity ratings in France before the European Parliament elections in May.

Recently, there has been turmoil within and between countries in the bloc in a struggle as to what the future will be like for Europe and the European Union, and who will provide the leadership for it.

Prophetically speaking, this turmoil between Europe’s nations and lack of strong leadership can begin to provide impetus toward the development of a coalition of 10 strong leaders in the Mediterranean region as foretold in the prophecies (Daniel 7, Revelation 13, 17).

Macron himself has already called for a new ten European state defense coalition that will operate independently from the United States, the EU or NATO. It is interesting that he used the exact number of ten that is in the prophecies.

These are Signs of the Last Days indicating the coming end of the age and the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ to catch away His born again believers.

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