Historic Wild Winter Weather—In Hawaii! 190-mph Winds, 60-foot Waves, Snow On Maui

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An unprecedented wild winter storm battered Hawaii with 190 mile per hour winds, and waves over 60 feet, while also snowing in unusual places in the Aloha State over the weekend.

The storm was described by the National Weather Service office in Honolulu as “historic.”

Forecasters “are calling this an unprecedented event and we concur that we rarely if ever have seen the combination of record high onshore waves, coupled with gale force winds,” said Sam Lemmo, administrator of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).

The storm’s most extreme blow was on the Big Island where 191-mph winds blasted Mauna Kea. “That’s the strongest wind gust I’ve ever seen up there,” said Jon Jelsema, senior forecaster at the Weather Service office in Honolulu. “We tend to get a gust maybe to 150 mph once a winter or so, but never 191 mph.”

Hawaii also saw some bizarre precipitation over the weekend as well when several inches of snow fell on Haleakalā — something Jelsema described as “very unusual.”

Several inches of snow fell on Maui, with the storm even depositing snow at Maui’s Polipoli State Park.

“Perhaps the first time ever, snow has fallen in a Hawai‘i State Park,” the DLNR posted to its Facebook page Sunday. “Polipoli State Park on Maui is blanketed with snow. It could also be the lowest elevation snow ever recorded in the state.”

This was a wild winter storm in the most bizarre of places, Maui, Hawaii, which they are saying the likes has never been seen before calling it historic.

The prophecies of Jesus Christ in Luke 21 foretell that there will be events in the weather such as causing the sea and the waves to be roaring that would be signs of the Last Days at the end of this age.

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