Islamic Travelers From Mecca For Hajj Eyed As Flu Source On International Flights

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There have now been international flights coming into the U.S. at New York and Philadelphia from Dubai and from Europe where passengers have fallen ill with the flights quarantined and medical evaluations performed on passengers with influenza seemingly as the culprit.

In both the Kennedy Airport and Philadelphia cases, passengers had recently traveled to Mecca in Saudi Arabia where millions gathered together for hajj. So a flu outbreak in Mecca was being eyed as the possible source of what sickened passengers on these flights.

A spokesman for the New York City Mayor’s Office has cited the religious event as possibly the source of the illnesses. Millions of Islamists from around the world flock to their holy city of Mecca for the hajj, which just came to an end.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman would not confirm possible links to a Mecca sickness.

These incidents show the potential how pestilence could quickly spread around the world with mass infections in today’s modern world-wide travel within a day.

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