Israel Ready To Strike Iran As Defense Minister Says Weeks From Nuke

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Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the country is prepared to engage militarily directly with Iran, amid rising tensions in the region as Iran increases its nuclear capabilities and as hardliner Ebrahim Raisi is sworn into Iran’s presidency.

When asked in an interview whether Israel was ready to strike in Iran if need be, Gantz responded simply, “Yes.”

But he added that Israel was focused on an effort to mobilize the international community to rein Tehran in, “because we can’t tag Iran as solely an Israeli problem and absolve the rest of the world from this issue.”

“The world needs to deal with Iran, the region needs to deal with Iran, and Israel also needs to do its part in this situation,” he declared.

When asked if he was referring to the world also getting involved in military action against Iran, the defense minister answered in the affirmative.

Gantz also said that Iran is ten weeks away from acquiring enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. And added that “Now is the time for deeds – words are not enough, … it is time for diplomatic, economic and even military deeds.”

Israel is seeking to convene the UN Security Council over the recent deadly drone attack on the MT Mercer Street oil tanker, blamed on Iran by Israel and the international community. The attack killed a Briton and a Romanian.

The rising tensions in the region come as new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi takes the oath before parliament Thursday. He has been branded by Israel as the “Hangman of Tehran” over his alleged involvement in the mass killings of prisoners toward the end of the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq.

Also, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, “We would like the world to understand that the Iranian regime is violent and fanatical,” “It selected the ‘Hangman of Tehran’ as its president — a man who is willing to starve his own people for years in order to have a military nuclear program. That is a regime that one should not do business with.”

Bennett added that Israel “will continue to consult with our friends, persuade, discuss, and share information and insights out of mutual respect. But at the end of the day, we will be responsible for our own fate, nobody else.”

The Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 6) foretell that there will be wars and rumors of wars in the Last Days signaling the world is nearing the end of this age.

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