Israeli Election Surprises Can Lead To Temple Miracle

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The Israeli elections are happening this week and one could not be blamed for saying they think it would take a miracle for someone else to be elected as Israeli Prime Minister other than Netanyahu.

Because of U.S. President Trump’s strong support of Israel, and for his close friend Netanyahu, it seems Israel has reaped a whirlwind of benefits from this relationship.

Look at it, with Netanyahu, Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. embassy to the Holy City; which was the realization of a dream for Israel after many decades that has come true under Netanyahu with Trump.

And then just recently, during this election race in Israel, Trump also recognized the Golan Heights as being Israeli under the sovereignty of Israel. Something again that Israel has been wanting from the U.S. for many years; which many are saying that the Golan recognition was a gift of support from Trump to Netanyahu during this Israeli election.

So after all these tremendous events that were momentous for Israel under Netanyahu one could expect he would be invincible in this Israeli election.

So obviously, you would think that Netanyahu would be a shoo-in for Israeli Prime Minister again in the election happening in Israel.

After all that has happened for Israel from Netanyahu with Trump, seemingly it would be a miracle for there to be another government instead.

But surprisingly, the Israeli election is now up for grabs with a potential upset in the making for a new Israeli government. The polls are showing before Election Day, that the race is tantalizingly close between Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party and its rival, Benny Gantz’s Blue and White.

The two political party’s are neck-and-neck with both the ruling party and its upstart rival polling at near the same number of seats for both of them in the Knesset which is Israel’s parliament, but with Gantz actually LEADING by around four to five seats!

And Gantz is a political neophyte with no experience who came out of nowhere; whereas Netanyahu, who has just marked a decade in power, seems close to losing with Gantz on the verge of a potential political upset.

A huge surprise in this Israeli election which could be called a miracle, and certainly nothing less than remarkable.

And the surprises in this election could be a sign that God is beginning to turn Israel’s government toward their position for meeting its prophetic destiny as foretold in the prophecies.

It looks as if surprises are swirling within Israeli politics that could lead to a new government that could incorporate new attitudes making a direction possible for Israel that prepares it for fulfillment of the Daniel chapter 9 prophecy and specifically verse 27.

Because from this prophecy we know that there will become to be, a government in Israel who will seriously enter negotiations with a mediator ultimately making a 7 year Mid-East agreement for Israel.

And this agreement will bring about the Last Days Temple at Jerusalem and also the rise of the anti-christ into his kingdom.

And for this to happen there must be a government in place in Israel who wants negotiations and wants to make an agreement with its neighbors in the Mid-East.

And this upstart Gantz, a former decorated Israeli Defense Force General who was IDF chief of staff; is leading a centrist political coalition with a goal of unifying the left and the right, the secular and the religious.

And saying they are pro-peace, who want to forge peace with Israel’s neighbors but will never give up Jerusalem. And his party is supporting initiatives to bring together the orthodox and non-orthodox of Israel together at a new prayer pavilion at the temple mount western wall.

Then additionally, Gantz is also said to be open to making a coalition deal with the Orthodox parties and specifically the Zehut party which brings the Jewish Temple into more political focus for the election.

For this group supports Israeli sovereignty and management of the Temple Mount removing the Muslim Waqf; and they want to build the Jewish Temple not in a few years or next year, but right now.

So there have been surprises churning in this Israeli election, that could lead to a remarkable turn of events for Israel’s government starting them even more quickly down the path of prophetic destiny.

To where they will have a government strongly committed to serious negotiations for reaching the prophetic landmark agreement foretold in the Daniel chapter 9 prophecy.

And with the Church Age pause of grace since Calvary ending, this deal will restart God’ prophetic time clock for the last 7 years of Israel and the Gentile world’s destiny found in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to the world.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

The Biblical prophecies (Zechariah 14, Daniel 9) foretell that Israel and Jerusalem will become the focus of the world in the Last Days signaling we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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