Israel’s Eurovision Song Contest Becomes Stage For Explosive Mideast Conflict

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The Eurovision Song Contest has become a volatile performance stage in the explosive struggle between Israel and Palestinian militants.

A song contest may not seem like a trigger for military conflicts, but in the latest confrontation between militants in the Gaza Strip and Israel, Europe’s most widely watched music competition has played a starring role.

Excitement over hosting of Eurovision, scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv between May 14 and 18, has been building in Israel. Madonna is set to perform, and Israel hopes to score a public relations win.

But then the rockets began to fall on Israel.

Israeli military and analysts are saying the song contest played into the timing of the latest escalation, during which Palestinian militants fired hundreds and hundreds of rockets toward Israel from Gaza.

The bombardment killed four Israelis, the first civilian casualties from Gaza rocket fire since 2014, and Israeli airstrikes in response that followed killed many Palestinians.

Hamas, the Palestinian military group that controls the Gaza Strip, said it saw a moment to pressure Israel to gain an advantage and leverage Israel to fulfill its demands, while also trying to put the Palestinian issue on the Eurovision stage.

Thinking Israel would be reluctant to retaliate with any force that would enter a protracted conflict that could destroy their golden moment to showcase the nation in the glare of the Eurovision show bright lights which is broadcast to hundreds of millions of viewers throughout Eurasia.

The Eurovision contest is a dream come true in that region as a moment when over a thousand reporters from around the world and hundreds of millions of viewers can see and hear a message, a nation  or militant group, want to send the world.

When news of the recent rocket fire broke, Eurovision dominated the discussions of pundits on Israeli television channels as international teams were already arriving for the show next week.

And Israeli press reports said Israel’s political leadership had ordered the army to wrap up operations before the Eurovision contest.

But Tel Aviv, where Madonna is set to perform in the Eurovision show, is within the range of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad rockets.

And Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) who also sent hundreds of rockets into Israel last weekend, killing Israeli citizens and injuring hundreds more, said that the recent onslaught of deadly rockets is just the beginning of an all-out war with the Jewish State.

This coming from a Palestinian terrorist group that is backed by Iran and has the capability to bombard Tel Aviv.

So now Israel is on high alert as the nation is just days away from hosting the Eurovision song contest expected to attract thousands of tourists and millions of viewers.

Because the Eurovision song contest has also become a stage for the Biblical, explosive, Mideast conflict that will bring in the end of days. As the Signs of the Last Days are increasing showing we are nearing the end of this age and the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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