Israel’s New “Octopus” Shadow War On Iran

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Reports say analysts and diplomats suspect that Israel has begun a new strategy with a new level of aggression directed toward Iran in their shadow war.

Over the last few weeks, Iran has been hit by an on-going series of unusual explosions and fires within the country at sensitive facilities as nuclear sites, military complexes, and industrial facilities.

And many analysts and diplomats suspect it’s sabotage in a shadow war against Iran, with Iran pointing the finger at Israel.

This series of mysterious explosions and fires in Iran began happening following an Iranian attempt to cyber attack Israel. When they hacked into Israel’s water infrastructure in April.

The Iranian cyber-attack was thwarted by Israeli cyber defenses, but if it had been successful it could have introduced dangerous levels of chlorine into the Israeli water supply and seriously interrupted the flow of water throughout Israel.

Now intelligence analysts say that at least some of these incidents in Iran as the explosion and fire at Iran’s underground Natanz nuclear facility, could certainly indicate state-sponsored espionage of Iran’s nuclear program by Israel.

And according to reports, what seems to be happening with this series of explosions and fires at sensitive sites in Iran, is a new level of aggression by Israel directly toward Iran that is part of a new emerging Israeli doctrine or strategy.

Israel is calling it the “Octopus” doctrine, which was coined by Israeli politician Naftali Bennett, who has also been Israel’s Defense Minister.

And Israel’s “Octopus” strategy means for Israel to aim at the head of the octopus and not just at its tentacles. Which means Israel would start directly attacking Iran, even within the country itself.

This new strategy of Israel is that when the tentacles of the octopus strike you in any way, do not fight only against the tentacle, but attack and suffocate its head.

This means they want to make Iran itself feel the pain for its Mid-East regional actions.

So instead of just attacking the tentacles, meaning the Iranian militia proxies such as Hezbollah and others that are spread like tentacles from Iran throughout the Middle East, Israel will also attack the head of the octopus.

And it seems in the past few weeks, we are seeing Israel’s new strategy in their shadow war with Iran in action.

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