Jordan’s King Abdullah Not On Board With Kushner Mideast Peace Plan

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In a meeting, Jordan’s King Abdullah told Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner that Middle East peace is only possible with a Palestinian state.

A palace statement said the monarch has been deeply concerned about the still-secret US plan to end the Arab-Israeli conflict. And told Kushner Israel had to withdraw from the occupied West Bank, which Israel captured in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Jordan’s King told US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser that a lasting Middle East peace can only come with the creation of a Palestinian state on land captured by Israel in the 1967 war.

The palace statement said “His Majesty stressed the need for a comprehensive and lasting peace based on a two-state solution, leading to an independent Palestinian state on 4 June, 1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Jordan is worried the plan could jettison the two-state solution – the long-standing international formula that envisages an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

The Palestinians are boycotting the Trump administration since its 2017 recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and have already rejected the Trump plan as heavily biased against them.

The plan, touted by Trump as the “deal of the century,” is said to encourage investment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by Arab donor countries without grappling with the thorny political issues at the heart of the conflict.

Kushner is leading a US delegation to the Middle East this week seeking to bolster support for an economic “workshop” in Bahrain concerning Trump’s long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

The Bahrain gathering, dubbed “Peace for Prosperity”, is wanting to bring together leaders from governments, civil society and the business sector to discuss and drum up support for “potential economic investments and initiatives that could be made possible by a peace agreement.”

The Palestinians see this as offering financial rewards for accepting ongoing Israeli occupation and already declared that they would not attend the event.

And obviously, Jordan’s King, a key player in any Mideast peace plan, is deeply concerned about what Kushner is planning and not on board with it.

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