Loud Voices Heard In Jerusalem Are End Time Harbinger

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News from Jerusalem where loud voices are being heard raised in anger over the Holy City that are a harbinger of the end-time prophecies of Jerusalem.

Where the conflict over Jerusalem will ultimately cause the Lord Himself to utter His voice from Jerusalem in the Last Days according to Bible Prophecy.

Israeli news media reports there have been loud voices in heated arguments within the Israeli government over enforcement of Israeli sovereignty and governance in East Jerusalem and eliminating Palestinian terrorism from there.

As Israel’s new national security minister is demanding that Jewish rule be implemented in all of Jerusalem making it clear to Palestinian terrorists that Israel is in charge. While others in the government fear international backlash.

And the prophecies foretell that it will be the conflict over the Holy City of Jerusalem that will bring the loud voice of the battle cry of “prepare for war” among the nations.

Watch the video below to see how these events and conditions happening now are Biblical signs connecting to the Last Days prophecies warning we are nearing the end of this age of grace at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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