LUCIFER on TV Tonight – Still Deceiving

Signs of the Last Days® MinistryGeneral

Yes, Lucifer is actually on television tonight, promoting evil as good and satan as someone to like and enjoy. Do not doubt it, behind the media company and the actors on the video, the one for whom Hell is waiting is now unabashedly showing himself as being in control of the media. And since he knows his time is short, is using the most effective means to promote evil in the world.

Tonight that old fox the devil is starring on Fox’s new prime time television demon hell evil false churchseries. The lie that’s being told is that he’s bored bringing souls to hell so he quits and goes to Los Angeles, where he already has a lot going on. And as the deceiver he is, spreads the word he’s not such a bad guy and should be liked for what he’s doing. But of course, it’s all a big lie. He still loves deceiving people and that’s what he’s doing on Fox; just that he’s so cunning he knew how to lead the media, who’s always lusting for ratings and buzz, into providing him a major platform to do it.

Since the devil is spreading his anti-Christ message on television that he is not a bad guy but cool and suave and that bad is good; then when the anti-Christ is soon on television with his false peace plans and his mark for the world economic system to function, hey, no problem. Lucifer’s already been here and got the world all prepped for it.

So look for the anti-Christ on a TV station near you. His owner is already on. Another Sign of the Times before Lucifer shows his real beastly attitude in the Tribulation; before the real Owner of this world shows up and saves the world from his destruction.

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