Massive Deadly Flash Flood Sweeps Thru Iran After Their Curses On Israel & U.S.

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A massive flash flood has hit Iran after its Islamic Republic president recently urged all Iranians to “put all your curses” on Israel and the U.S.

After the call to curse Israel, now flash flooding has hit in southern and western Iran which has left at least 23 people dead at last count and also injured more than 200, according to news agencies citing officials.

Also, the flooding is continuing causing officials of the government to urge people to cancel trips as they are warning of more rains.

The Iranian Ministry of Interior advised Iranians to cancel any trips and take the warnings seriously.

The Disaster Management Organisation sent nationwide text messages to warn people about taking routes that are prone to flooding, including those in mountains and river banks.

Amazingly, it was reported that only two sets of 15-minute heavy rainfalls caused the deadly flash flood to spread through the city of Shiraz, the worst-affected city.

Shiraz is an ancient Persian city of Iran, which is known as the capital or the heart of Iranian art, culture, and religion.

Iran’s Meteorological Organisation put 12 provinces on high alert predicting a higher chance of flooding due to heavy rains across the country from the western to the eastern and northeastern regions as the rain and floods sweep all across the country.

Flights to and from Tehran’s International Airport also had been either cancelled or delayed due to bad weather. At least 22 routes were blocked due mostly to the climatic conditions in the atmosphere, local news agencies reported.

In just one horrifying scene shared on social media, which was recorded from a window of a bus, strongly flowing water is seen washing away cars as well as pedestrians unable to hold on. Other scenes showed numerous damaged cars piled up by the flood at the entrance to Shiraz city.

In another province, dozens of bridges have been destroyed, while in other areas hundreds of villages have been submerged under flood water.

The Iranian Fars news agency reported that President Hassan Rouhani cut short a trip due to the flooding disaster and in a public statement, Rouhani offered condolences to all the victims.

But it was Rouhani who only a few days ago recently urged all Iranians in a nationally televised broadcast to “put all your curses” on the United States and the Zionists referring to Israel. Saying that Israel and the U.S. were to blame for his country’s ailing economy.

But actually, Rouhani was wanting to deflect criticism of his administration’s performance amid a downward spiraling economy after the Trump administration pulled out of the nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran targeting Iran’s vital oil sector.

The resulting economic crisis now gripping Iran is making life difficult for ordinary Iranians and has emboldened Rouhani’s critics against him to where they are openly calling for him to resign over his inability to rein in the rising cost of living and hyper-inflation causing Iranian anger.

And after the Islamic Republic’s President Rouhani called for Iranians to “put all your curses” on Israel and its supporter the U.S. , now only days later this massive deadly flash flood is sweeping though Iran.

When thinking of someone putting “all your curses” on the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel), one cannot help but think of the Holy Scripture in Genesis chapter 12 where God speaks saying “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you…”

Again, the Word of the Lord God is proven true, as this disaster is decimating Iran with Mr. Rouhani now having another huge impact on him and his government.

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