Microchips Already Implanted In European Employees

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Companies in European countries as Belgium and Sweden are paving the way for the “mark of the beast” with implantable microchips that are now being injected into employees’ hands in order to give them access to enter buildings and perform office functions.

Though inject-able microchips are not widely used in the U.S., it is possible that what begins in Europe will eventually end up here, with it first as something that is voluntary until eventually it could become mandatory.

Once more people get micro-chipped voluntarily say at work, the next step is not far when more are willing to get micro-chipped by their government for what appears to help security and provides convenience to buy and sell.

Although a handful of states in the U.S are beginning to pass laws banning the implanting of RFID microchips in humans without their consent, the practice has been growing in such popularity it’s doubtful many would really opt out when the majority just go along with whatever they’re told to do for their safety and convenience.

Europe’s incremental adoption of RFID micro-chipping technology for employees appears it could be the start for future implementation of government enforced micro-chipping of citizens.

The Scriptures foretell how an anti-Christ will arise from the revived Roman Empire who will enforce the “mark of the beast” to where “that no one may buy or sell” without it.