Monster Tornado & Now A Meteor Hit Cuba All This Week—As They Help Russia In Venezuela

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The country of Cuba has been struck from the heavens twice in one week as a tornado and meteor strike in same week.

Earlier this week on Jan. 28th it was reported that 3 were dead and 174 were injured as a monster tornado tore across Cuba devastating the area around Havana.

And now its reported that a meteor has struck Cuba today as well, all in the same week. And it is Cuba who is helping Russia to support the Venezuelan dictator Maduro.

A meteor rocked the skies of western Cuba, exploding mid-air, shattering windows and raining charred meteorite rocks onto people’s homes.

Before it exploded onto Cuba the meteor was seen flying above Florida. Then the meteor exploded near the town of Viñales, in the Pinar del Río province.

Witnesses reported hearing two loud blasts as it blew up and disintegrated. The space rock left a huge trail of smoke in the sky and showered the ground with small rocks.

The terrifying celestial event took place in the clear light of day.

Local TV channel TelePinar’s reporter Fátima Rivera Amador was one of the first people to post what looks like pieces of meteorite holding charred rocks with whitish material on the inside.

Just before the explosion above Cuba, the meteor was observed from the US.  as the National Weather Service in Key West reported that it was seen over the Florida Keys, as far north as Marathon.

The meteor explosion shook buildings and rattled windows causing a great deal of confusion, with some first mistakenly saying there was a crash of a large plane.

Cuba has been a long-time ally of the Venezuela Dictator and is also an ally of Russia as they have been supporting Venezuela and its dictator against the United States.

And now Cuba has been struck from the heavens twice in one week, first from the monster tornado and now from the explosion of a meteor.

Could these be signs from the heavens that the government of Cuba should change its course and allies?

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