Mystery Seismic Hum Circles Earth & Island Moves Out Of Its Place

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A mysterious seismic hum encircled the world while earthquakes swarmed and an island moved from its place in what at first was a mystery no one could figure out as to the cause of it.

Scientists reported the weird seismic event just off the island of Mayotte, located between Madagascar and Mozambique in the Indian Ocean.

Researchers described the event as a seismic hum that circled the world, but it was a mystery what caused it that no one could figure out. In addition to the weird “seismic hum,” there were other clues that something big was happening.

The inhabitants of the French island of Mayotte reported feeling swarms of earthquakes daily for months with more than 1,800 tremors that happened, including a large magnitude-5.8 earthquake that was the largest ever recorded there in the region.

Then scientists from the organizations of the National Center for Scientific Research in France and the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea, began to do research that included six seismometers placed on the ocean floor, close to the seismic activity.

These instruments revealed a tight cluster of earthquakes deep in the Earth’s crust, likely stemming from a deep magma chamber that’s gushing molten rock onto the sea’s bottom.

Additionally, sonar revealed 1.2 cubic miles of magma on the seafloor, as well as plumes of bubble-rich water streaming up.

And what they had discovered was the largest underwater volcanic eruption ever recorded, with this weird seismic hum from the floor of the ocean that circled the world, as the birth announcement of the new underwater volcano.

The scientists said the underwater volcano is enormous, rising nearly a half mile from the ocean floor and it’s length is three miles lying about 31 miles off Mayotte’s eastern coast.

Nathalie Feuillet, a leader of an expedition to the site who is with the Institute of Geophysics in Paris, told Science magazine when describing the event that “We have never seen anything like this.”

Scientists said the seismic hum was strange because the hum rang at a single, ultra-low frequency, which was strange because seismic waves usually rumble at many frequencies. Moreover, they said there were hardly any detectable “p-waves” or “s-waves,” which usually accompany earthquakes.

And, then incredibly, they also said the island of Mayotte actually moved out of its place south and east from the mysterious event.

Scientists also said it was the first time in at least 4,000 years since volcanoes had stirred in this area. And that it was strange that the volcano popped up by Mayotte, which is an old island in the archipelago.

But researchers, who still have to assimilate and assess their research and then publish a peer-reviewed study on the events, at this time say it remains unclear exactly how the weird hum was produced but think the volcano is related.

What is Biblically clear, is that these events are signs of the Last Days prophecies.

The Biblical prophecies foretold that there would be unusual groans and strains (Romans 8) within the planet earth’s crust in anticipation of Last Days prophetic events which could produce unusual seismic noise.

And the prophecies also foretell that seismic activity (Matthew 24, Revelation 6)  as earthquakes and volcanoes will happen which ultimately will result in actually changing the geography of earth to where islands are moved out of there place.

These events happening are Signs of the Last Days pointing to the Biblical prophecies indicating the coming end of the age and the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ.

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