NASA: God of Chaos Asteroid Heading Toward Earth—Surprise Impact?

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NASA is readying for the arrival of the enormous god of chaos asteroid named after Apophis, the Egyptian god of chaos and destruction, which they think is set to skim Earth with a close shave in 10 years time.

In Ancient Egypt, Apophis the Great Serpent spirit, was believed to be the ultimate enemy of the Sun god Ra, destined to stop the Sun from rising over the horizon. And the destructive spirit was said to live in the celestial waters of the Nile.

And now on April 13, 2029, Apophis will appear over the Earth to light up the night skies but as a really huge 1,115 ft-wide asteroid flying towards the Earth.

On the night of Apophis’ flyby, the colossal asteroid is expected to approach the Earth dangerously close. NASA estimates the asteroid will skim the Earth from a distance of about 19,000 miles, which in the terms of space is extremely close.

Many of the Earth’s spacecraft and satellite orbit our planet from this height, making Apophis’ flyby a near-miss with destruction. According to NASA, it is incredibly rare for an asteroid as big as Apophis to shoot past Earth this close.

NASA says that current calculations show that Apophis has a very small chance of impacting Earth.

But for us this begs some questions, could it be that future more precise measurements of its position necessitate an update that could increase the chances of a deep impact on earth?

And importantly, could there be other somewhat smaller asteroids or meteors traveling with it not yet realized that could impact earth? This HAS happened before, but is not widely known or realized.

On the very day in 2013, when astronomers were expecting a large meteoroid called 2012 DA14 as the biggest object in recorded history to pass that close to Earth; about 16 hours before it did, is when the Chelyabinsk meteor hit the earth’s atmosphere and exploded.

The Chelyabinsk meteor was a complete surprise no one expected that day, when without warning this meteor the size of a house and brighter than the sun exploded in the air near the ground.

When the blast smashed into buildings and caused injuries to more than 1,000 people with more than 7,000 buildings damaged. This meteor detonated over Russia in a blast with 30-times the force of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb as a major event.

So its very possible that other asteroids or meteors could be somewhere traveling with Asteroid Apophis, the god of chaos and destruction, that are not yet realized.

This asteroid will pass so close to Earth that it’ll be visible without the need for a telescope. It’ll be bright enough that scientists say it’ll be easily spotted with the naked eye, appearing similar to a star in the night sky, but one that is moving very rapidly.

It will first be visible to the naked eye when it arrives in the night sky over the Southern Hemisphere, shooting across the east coast to the Australian west coast. The asteroid will speed around the world, crossing the Indian Ocean on its way to the US.

Apophis’ closest approach will be over the Atlantic Ocean, as evening arrives in the United States. But it will move so fast that it will cross the ocean in no more than an hour.

Then NASA says it is expected to speed off into space after passing earth dangerously close. Let’s hope that is what happens with no surprises.

But the Biblical prophecies foretell that a huge asteroid is coming that will not miss earth causing a deep impact.

The Revelation 8 prophecy says it looks like a great mountain burning with fire that hits in the sea with the shock wave and resulting tsunami causing massive chaos and destruction. Sound familiar?

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