New Russian-Iranian Military Alliance Secretly Planned Taking Syria

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Now we know that Iran and Russia had a secret meeting in Moscow to plan the Russian military move into Syria to takeover military bases there. The meeting was between the notorious commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, their chief exporter of terror, and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The shadowy Iranian commander visited Moscow just 10 days after the Iranian-American nuclear deal was announced, despite a travel ban resolution against him by the U.N. Security Council barring him from leaving Iran. He met with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Putin, were they developed a joint military plan for Syria at this secret meeting.

And of great prophetical importance, they forged a new military alliance between Russia and Iran in the Middle East.

Russian Iranian Forces in Syria

Russian Iranian Forces in Syria

Then Russia surprised the world with the deployment into Syria of a Russian expeditionary military force. Russia with Iran’s help established their operating military base in Syria and since has expanded their operations and bases there.

And in a historic development and change in Iranian military doctrine, for the first time since the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, Iranian units are participating in the expeditionary force, fighting instead of only advising. This came to light with the news of Iranian generals being wounded or killed in action in the fighting in Syria along with their troops.

It would seem that in the discussions in the aforementioned secret meeting in Moscow when the Russian-Iranian military alliance was forged, that Putin set expectations for Iranian forces to fight on the ground; because since then, thousands of Iranian forces have poured into Syria who are led by their own generals.iranian marine forces

Now a Russian-Iranian military alliance with military forces and hardware is next door to Israel in Syria. This is a geostrategic disaster for Israel. For this entire model, the secret meetings and planning with resulting surprise military move into Syria by Russia and Iran, is a complete model that could be used for fulfilling the latter days Ezekiel Prophecy concerning Israel.

The Russian-Iranian military alliance will have to pour forces and the latest in military technology into Syria to achieve their objectives of pacifying the militants there and gaining majority control in Syria. Then Iran, who is the sworn enemy of Israel swearing to wipe Israel off the map, can with the protection and assistance of Russia turn its attention to fulfilling its desires on Israel.

This is all signs of the times for the fulfillment of the latter day’s prophecies of the Lord God.



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