This Next Big Event Starts Final 7 Years Of This Age On God’s Prophetic Time Clock [Video]

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Video below describes an upcoming big event that will signal the start of God’s divine time clock beginning the last 7 years of the history of human government of the world.

The nation of Israel is God’s prophetic time clock for the destiny of the world; and major prophetic events in the prophecies concerning Israel are major milestones for the timeline of the Last Days at the end of this age.

We share this amazing prophecy that gives Israel’s prophetic timeline and major milestones that the archangel Gabriel gave from God including this big event prophesied to happen with God’s prophetic timepiece of Israel.

We also share signs that are pointing to the coming of this major prophetic milestone, and share a probable model of a scenario that could develop on bringing this prophecy to pass in the future as the Holy Scripture foretells.

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