Nuclear Explosion From Russia Mystery Weapon Test Likened To Chernobyl

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In one of the worst nuclear accidents in the region since Chernobyl, its been confirmed at least seven people, including scientists, are dead in a mysterious explosion that released radiation off the coast of northern Russia last week.

The explosion was followed by nearly an hour long radiation spike detected in Severodvinsk, a city 25 miles east of the Russian Nyonoksa test range, by the White Sea.

An official state of mourning was declared in the Russian city of Sarov for the elite Russian scientists that were killed. And Sarov, known during the Cold War as Arzamas-16, is one of Russia’s secret cities.

It’s closed to foreigners and accessible only by special permit, with Sarov being roughly the Russian equivalent to Los Alamos, New Mexico, one of the birthplaces of US nuclear weapons.

As news of this nuclear explosion spread, local Russians began to buy up stocks of iodine in city’s pharmacies. Iodine pills offer some protection from radioactive iodine and there was a huge demand for them in the region during the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The Russian government’s secretive behavior and slow response with changing statements concerning this new explosion set off anxiety in nearby cities and towns as one Russian news media site reported and then later had it taken down that radiation rose to 200 times normal background levels.

While the scale of this new accident seems smaller than the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in 1986, which killed thousands, the slow release of muddied information, the public confusion and distrust of official accounts, and the race for some limited form of protection, seems to have echoes of the reaction to the Chernobyl disaster.

A Norwegian Arctic news website reported that a Russian specialized nuclear cargo ship, the Serebryanka, was inside the newly closed exclusion zone since August 9. And the speculation is that the ship was deployed to pick up the radioactive debris from the failed test.

Experts in the West say the nuclear explosion is most likely linked to the testing of a new nuclear doomsday weapon that Russian President Vladimir Putin described in a speech to the Russian parliament in 2018 which the West has designated with the name of “Skyfall.”

A Russian government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta last month described them as vengeance weapons. That was also the phrase used by the Nazis to describe their V-rockets, fired late in World War Two.

This nuclear explosion comes as the United States and Russia have revived their nuclear competition. The United States withdrew from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces agreement, citing long-running Russian violations.

For the Russian military, in developing new classes of hypersonic and undersea nuclear weapons that are now not known and not prohibited by any existing treaties, they are free to test and deploy them.

A military analyst for the Center for Strategic Trends in Moscow characterized the experiments underway now as “pioneering” work on new technology that is fraught with danger where anything could happen in tests.

When Putin first spoke about this new weapons program in 2018, it gather a lot of attention with his descriptions of a new undersea cruise missile called the Poseidon.

It was described as having a new nuclear powered engine and able to operate autonomously enabling it to deliver a nuclear warhead to the U.S. coast in a nuclear second-strike after an initial nuclear exchange.

And there was also a new generation cruise missile said to be a nuclear missile given unlimited global reach because of a new revolutionary nuclear-powered engine.

It was described to be a low flying cruise missile carrying a nuclear warhead with virtually unlimited range and unpredictable flight trajectory making it invulnerable to all existing and prospective systems of both missile and air defense. Putin has boasted the new weaponry would render US missile defenses obsolete.

Putin and Russian military leaders talk about their new weapon plans, seem to be a nod to the Doomsday Machine parodied in the 1964 classic “Dr. Strangelove,” which could hit the U.S. coast even if Moscow and Russia’s military centers were already destroyed in a nuclear strike.

While fictional, the movie was based on a real Soviet plan, demonstrating how long Soviet and Russian leaders have entertained these ideas.

One expert said these new systems have their origin in Soviet times and they’ve been taken off the shelves and given new investment as Russia appears to be building and testing new “apocalyptic” nuclear weapons.

Another expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies said “… it takes a special kind of crazy to do this. What most countries would do would be just build more nuclear weapons because it’s cheaper,” he added. “Instead the Russians seem to have gone down this Soviet path of this kind of bizarre menagerie of doomsday weapons.”

But for this class of doomsday weapons, they require a new revolutionary nuclear-powered engine that is more compact. And analysts think from information gathered concerning this explosion at Severodvinsk, that the Russians were testing such a new propulsion system involving nuclear isotopes.

Many questions are lingering about just how dangerous was this incident and what all may have been released from it. Information is slowly coming out how areas in the region around the explosion site are being shut down and made off-limits as Russian official secrecy is fueling fears of a cover-up.

Moscow has a history of secrecy over such nuclear accidents, most notably after the 1986 explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the then-Soviet republic of Ukraine – now regarded as the worst nuclear accident in history.

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