Nuns Used As ‘Sex Slaves’ By Priests And Bishops Says Roman Pope

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The Roman Pope Francis has publicly admitted that priests have used nuns as “sexual slaves”, and may still be doing so, marking a new chapter in the sexual abuse crisis rocking the Roman church.

The Vatican’s women’s magazine, said “It is the first time that the pope, but also the church as an institution, has publicly admitted this abuse is taking place, and that’s hugely important.”

The Pope of Rome said Catholic priests and bishops had been sexually abusing nuns, and that his predecessor Benedict XVI had dissolved a religious order of women because of “sexual slavery on the part of priests and the founder.”

The papal admission followed a rare outcry from the Vatican’s women’s magazine, “Women Church World”, over the rape of nuns, leaving them feeling forced to have abortions or raise children not recognized by their priest fathers.

The nun sexual abuse scandal has broke open as the Roman church has also had to contend with a huge wave of cases involving pedophile priests in countries worldwide from Ireland and the United States to Australia.

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