Pakistan Bows To Islamists Keeps Innocent Christian From Release & Asylum [Video]

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Video shows how government of Pakistan is bowing to Islamists and preventing a Christian said innocent by the Supreme Court from release & asylum. Jesus prophesied in Luke the 21st chapter that His followers would be persecuted in the Last Days of this age indicating the coming of Jesus Christ back to earth.

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian mother of five an illiterate farm worker, has been on death row in prison for blasphemy against Islam for nearly a decade, but the Pakistani Supreme Court found her innocent and falsely accused by the Islamists.

But Islamists rioted in the streets threatening violence to overthrow the government unless Christian Bibi was publicly hanged. The fearful government made a deal to prevent Bibi’s release and barred her from leaving the country to receive asylum.

Bibi’s fate is in peril and she needs deliverance for it will take a miracle of God for her to reach the freedom her innocence demands—watch how you can make a difference.

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