Paris Burned With Worst Riots In Generation— Macron In Crises

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The streets of Paris, France, have literally been burning as protests turned into the worst riots there in a generation. As tens of thousands of people have hit the streets for three weeks protesting French President Macron’s green tax on fuel coming into effect January 1st.

The French Interior Ministry estimates 136,000 protesters turned out across the country over the past weekend, in addition to 280,000 in previous weeks. Four people have now died since the protests began three weeks ago.

Police said more than 100 people were injured in the city, including 23 members of the security forces, and nearly 400 people were arrested after the latest riots. The city estimates total damages at $3.4 million, including some of the wealthiest areas and landmarks.

Originally, the protesters were people from rural areas denouncing Macron’s green tax who have to drive long distances as part of their daily life. But then quickly grew into a larger movement that included members of the working and middle classes who were expressing their frustration about slipping standards of living.

The initial demand was to repeal the green tax on fuel where currently gas prices run about $5.55 a gallon and expected to go much higher with Macron’s green tax. But now others want the current minimum wage (about $1,350 per month after taxes) to be raised.

And that escalated to calls for dissolving the National Assembly and holding new elections. There have even been chants of “Macron resign!” with protestors blaming Macron, a former  highly-paid investment banker, with deference for the wealthy.

The violent riots sent Macron and his government into crises with Macron holding urgent security council meetings. This is the biggest political crisis he has faced so far, and it could determine the rest of his presidency.

Turmoil as this has been increasing across Europe in recent years with issues as immigration, nationalism, terrorism & security, and financial inequities, which could be leading up to an environment ripe for Last Days prophecy fulfillment in Europe.

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